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Best on Hess

Best on Hess - Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Nitty

Course – A challenging but fun 9 mile time trial on a safe, wide, fast and smooth road with 4 rolling climbs • TDF style starting ramp • 2 “non-aero equipment” categories • podium models • cool prizes • LTBC Beer • Tune up for CO State TT Championships!

Location – Hess Road and I-25, Castle Pines just south of Denver, well north of Castle Rock. Easy access & easy parking!

Directions – I-25 to exit 188 Castle Pines Pkwy, East 1 block to Havana then North to parking. Look for parking marshals.

Updates – Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and www.modernmarketracing.com

Free Lunch – provided by Modern Market

The Gritty

Fees – ITT $30 1st race, $20 2nd race / TTT & Tandems $20 p/person –>
Fees – TBD

Fees – ITT $35 1st race, $20 2nd race / TTT & Tandems $25/person.

Registration – Registration is online only and opens on 04/15/2017 and closes on 06/09/2017 at 9:00 am. There is <u>no</u> race day registration!

Register online at: USA Cycling

Start Times – Will be posted at www.modernmarketracing.com by 2:00 pm on 06/09/2017 and emailed to registered racers only. First racer goes at 8:00 am. TTT starts 45 minutes after last ITT racer.

All USAC Rules Apply

The Start List – Click the link below to download the start list.

All USAC Rules Apply

Free Lunch – provided by Alpine Lumber


Photos by Bagley Crowder Photography

The Down & Dirty

  • The prizes? $5,000 in cash plus Lone Tree Brewing Beer and SWAG! Must be
    present to win, no going home early. You’re not going to get rich being the Best on HessTM, but
    you’ll be the Best. Period. Special prize for “Most Active Athlete” whoever races the most.
  • Are you really having a Tour de France style starting ramp and Podium Models? YES! As you are about to become the Best on HessTM, you’re kind of a big deal and deserve a suitable launch pad to display your awesomeness. And please, no groping the models.
  • What’s the course like? Hess Road is a spectacular bike racing course that just happens to allow cars on it. With a wide shoulder & brand new surface, it’s become one of the most popular routes in the area. It’s an out and back with rolling climbs each way, and fun fast descents, centerline rule in effect. Course is open to traffic! No support vehicles will be allowed, however we will have radios and a roving vehicle for mishaps. Check it out: www.strava.com/segments/4652698
  • What category can I race? Racers can race their own category or faster, but not slower. I.E: if you hold a 3 license, you can race Categories 3, 2 or 1. If you hold a 1 license, you can only race 1. USAC 1-Day license: $15, only for Cat 5 men, Cat 4 Women and Juniors who have never previously held a USAC license with a higher category. Same applies to TTT & Tandems. Contact registration@grcapracing.com if you want to race up a category.
  • What’s the cost? The most fun you can have for $35 in fact, and if you race twice, the 2nd race is only $20. You do need a USAC license, so if you need to buy a 1-day that’s $10. If you hold a racing license already but are not a member of BRAC, that costs $5 unless you live outside of Colorado.
  • Registration? Registration is online only and closes at 9:00AM on FRIDAY THE 9th! There will be no race day registration!
  • Register online HERE!
  • Free Lunch? Thanks to the generosity of Modern Market, everyone gets a free meal!
  • Packet pickup? Optional, Friday the 9th from 4-6PM at Jinji Cycles, 2538 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 303-433-3474. Jinji Cycles map link.
  • When is my start time? Start times will be emailed to you on the 9th. They will also be posted on our website, www.modernmarketracing.com by 2pm.
  • What does “Non Aero” mean for those races? No aero equipment. TT helmets, wheels deeper than 30mm, aero bars, heck, even those aero shoe covers are out. Just you, whatever bike you can dust off, and the clock. We’ll even give bonus points for anyone hard core enough to do it on a mountain bike. TT / Tri setups are good for other categories, so bring the fastest swag you’ve got! (disk wheels, bars, pointy helmet)
  • Team Time Trial – Men’s teams up to 5 riders, time is taken on the 3rd rider. Women’s and Jr’s teams up to 4 riders, time is taken on the 2nd rider as per USAC rules.
  • How easy is it to get there? Incredibly easy and close to home. It’s just south of Lincoln Avenue on I-25, exit 188. As you exit the freeway, look to the east and see the start. Go east after the exit ramp, then north on the frontage road to the parking lot. Marshals will guide you through parking. Registration will be at the North end of the parking lot. Best On HessTM area map.
  • Juniors? We offer all the categories: 17-18, 15-16, 13-14, 11-12 and 9-10 both men and women.
    All junior rules are enforced like gear restrictions for all (Rule 1I4) and under 14 must use mass
    start bikes (Rule 1I5). Complete rules: www.usacycling.org. Entry is free in the Junior race categories, normal fees apply for adult races, regardless of age. And if an under age racer makes the podium in an Adult race, we will substitute SWAG for the beer prizes. Sorry Dad, no beer for you, and shame on you for trying to win beer via your kid. Enter up yourself!
  • Questions?