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GR Capital Racing Race Reports

Mainstreet Crit 40+ 3/4 Success!

2017 Mainstreet Parker Crit 40+ 3/4 Podium

MMR’s Nate Miller – 3rd Place

Awesome race by the whole team today.  I think I heard the announcer say 2 or 3 times as we went by “there’s Modern Market on the front again”.  We had great numbers and the whole team was working hard.  People definitely know who we are.

I’m pretty surprised to get a podium in the 3s – and really it happened just because of teammates.  With three or four laps to go I found Jared’s wheel near the front.  Matt Ray went to the front at that point and strung it out in a big way for two or three laps.  All the normal surges that would happen around that time just didn’t because Matt was putting down the hammer and the pace was to high.  It made it easy for Jared and I to maintain position.  Awesome work StringRay – that was some serious effort.   I told Jared I was on his wheel with 2 to go.  We came around the last corner in 2nd and 3rd.  I got pinched and lost his wheel for a little – my mistake.  I caught up and he led me out.  Couldn’t catch the guy in front and one guy got past us.  Wish I wouldn’t have lost his wheel around that corner – might have had enough to do a little more.  Thanks for the pull Jared – sorry I couldn’t finish it.  Regardless it was pretty good teamwork – great job by the whole team.  I’m really happy to be part of this team.

Seems like we are getting more and more guys near the front at the end.  I think if we keep it up we’ll put somebody on the top step soon.


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